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Updated: Jul 25, 2021

There are many factors that cause your colour to break down and fade but as the sun is shining… lets talk about UV rays and what we can do to help our strands out!

What does the sun do?

The sun acts a little like bleach. It penetrates your hair strands, breaking down the chemical bonds causing the colour to fade in dyes and/or natural melanin in your hair. The finer and more processed your hair the easier the sun can penetrate and hair strands loose its colour. Coiled and colour treated hair are also extremely susceptible.

The reason

When you colour your hair, use hot tools or even brush it you are ‘roughing up’ the cuticle layer. By opening up the cuticle layer, it leaves the internal structure, natural or salon treated, open for attack. In comes the Sun….

What can you do?


Just like you protect your skin from the sun, protect your hair too. A UV PROTECTION SPRAY is a must have… apply to towel dried hair after your usual shampoo and conditioning regime. Don’t have one yet? Go for either:

Revlon Professionals UniqOne Coconut Hair Treatment £16

Revlon Professional Restart 1 Minute Protective Color Mist £15.05


Add a little depth in your next blonding appointment by adding a few lowlights or opting for a shade darker. If your darker hair is suffering, on your next root top up, opt for a full head colour. Ensure a demi is used on any pre coloured hair to avoid colour build up.

Use a good acidic shampoo and conditioner to close down that cuticle layer. I recommend

Revlon Restart Color Protective Color Shampoo £11.95

Revlon Restart Color Protective Jelly Mask £15.80

Both sit at the PH value of around 3-4.5 balancing out those external aggressors.


In between wash days, cover up. Whether your walking the kids to school, gardening or popping to the shop, its all giving your hair sun exposure. Pop a hat on it!

Most of all… enjoy the sunny days to come!

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